Hi guys,
I had gone for trip to the UK (yay!), so couldn’t update the blog.
Well now I’m back 😀

This is a non-profit and unprofessional blog :-p

This blog is created specially for Nokia e6 users

This post shows a video of the Charging LED workaround for notifications on Nokia e6 because this phone doesn’t have a very prominent notification light as it is buried under the d-pad.
My next following posts will include the hacking methods for Nokia e6 and the mod/patch.


About ayush3090

I'm a Nokia/Symbian addict or rather a fan-boy. I'm an Engineering student. I blog when I'm free and I play guitar too...yay...still a rookie though :p. And yes, I'm a super Pink Floyd fan. I Actually worship them :D. My blog's address - ne6t.wordpress.com; Twiiter Account - twitter.com/ayush3090; email address - ayush3090@gmail.com

6 responses »

  1. Desmond van de Woestijne says:

    I’m very curious about the mod…
    Can’t wait till you publish it…

  2. ayush3090 says:

    I’m crating a tutorial and will publish it asap.
    Btw if your phone is already hacked, then i can post the mode before the hacking tutorial.

    Please send your emails with ‘ne6t’ as the subject so it’ll be easier for me to differentiate between mails :-D.

  3. ayush3090 says:

    Creating* the tutorial
    Post the mod*

  4. chobo says:

    Get on that tutorial ASAP! :]

    Everyone says Nokia’s looking at that notification light bug, but no ones if/when they’re going to fix it. Doesn’t that just bug you?

  5. I tried to install, but it asks for a certificate. I found them disable on Instllation Configuration but still not working…

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